Stacey’s WN Entry: They don’t grow back in twosies-twosies

I started doing it when I was 24.
I vowed to stop doing it about 100 times.
I’m 30 now and I’m still doing it…

I pull out any gray hair that sprouts from my scalp. I mean, for pete’s sake, I’m only 30. Why should I have to deal with these things!??!

Some people think that two new gray hairs will pop-up out of one hair follicle if you pull one out, but I think that’s a myth. They do grow back, but not in twosies-twosies (This isn’t Noah’s Ark!). However, one always grows back in its place.

And that’s the thing. They’ve been growing back lately. Every time I pull my hair back into a ponytail I notice tiny gray hairs (not more than three or four at a time since I still pull them out thank you very much) on the crown of my head. Some are thin, but some have a mind of their own, curling back and forth as if they struggled to come to the surface. None of them stand a chance, though. Regardless of their texture, they all get pulled out.

I have no problem growing old gracefully, but do I have to have gray hair NOW?!?!