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Take a look around you

When I taught in NYC, I was fortunate enough to work one block away from Central Park. Therefore, when the urge struck me, I’d take my students out to Central Park with their writer’s notebooks to record their noticings. They wrote beautiful poems in the Park, but rarely stories.

I’ve come to believe that we need to encourage our students to take to the outdoors in all seasons in order to be inspired (to write poems or prose) by nature.

Autumn has fallen upon New England, which means that the foliage is about to peak. Why not encourage your students, regardless of where you live, to head outdoors on a weekend with their family in order to be inspired by nature. (If you don’t think this will work, then perhaps make it in optional/extra credit homework assignment. That might be more of a motivator for some children.)

If you live in New England, then click here for information on Festivals in New England this fall. If you live outside of New England, then click here in order to find fall foliage information for your state.

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