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WN: Weekend Check-Ins

Last year I adopted (and adapted) an idea I got from Davis and Hill’s Book, The No-Nonsense Guide to Teaching Writing. For an entire year I gave my students weekend writing assessments. However, they were essentially checklists that didn’t inspire my students to really do much thinking about their writing. Hence, in conjunction with two former colleagues from P.S. 171, Christina L. Rodriguez and Artemis Kakorus, we developed an improved “Student Weekend Writer’s Notebook Assessment.” I’m going to be using this form each weekend for my students. I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes with this updated form, which I’m still asking my students’ parent/guardian to sign.

4 thoughts on “WN: Weekend Check-Ins

  1. Andi:

    Here are my answers to your questions. Just email me if you need any more info:

    1. No, just check +, check, or check -.
    2. Yes, they’re separate. They must be writing daily.
    3. After each student finishes their morning work, they may read or write independently until Morning Meeting begins.


  2. Thanks for all of the cool forms! I love reading your blog and getting all of these awesome ideas. Three quick questions:
    1. Do you grade the weekend assessment?
    2. Are these entries from mini-lessons in class or are they separate entries the students do on their own or BOTH?
    3. Do you have writer’s notebook TIME set aside and is it every day?

    I am just curious. I don’t have a self-contained class and I only have 40 minutes a day with my students. I want to continue immersing my students in writing. You all are a lifesaver!!


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