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WN Entry: Writing About My First Visit to Narragansett Beach

Narragansett Beach, RI


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STRATEGY: Write about the first time you did something.

ENTRY: This past weekend was full of firsts. We had our first Shabbat Dinner in the apartment together. We also had our first house guests (Adam and Jenn). Finally, we went to the beach in Rhode Island for the first time… ever.

Even though Marc has lived in RI for the past year we’ve never made it to the beach since we were both always too busy doing work or reading for our jobs on the weekends. Hence, we put off the beach. Then, this summer was filled with moving, unpacking, etc. and therefore it wasn’t until today that we made it to the beach in Narragansett.

We had a bit of difficulty finding parking in the town, but the gentleman at the Narragansett Chamber of Commerce suggested street parking. We parked on the main drive, right next to the ocean, near the Towers. We snapped a quick photo prior to heading down to the beach.

Though there was lots of seaweed in the water, we enjoyed the cool temperature of the water against our skin beneath the intensity of the sun’s rays. The shore wasn’t rocky so it was easy to walk on the sand on this perfect August day.

**Narragansett was incorporated as a town in 1901. Prior to that time, it was part of South Kingstown, with local history dating back to 1675 when Roland Robinson settled in South County and purchased land from the Narragansett Indians in Pettaquamscutt and Pt. Judith
**Shipbuilding was an early industry with sailing vessels built on the Narrow River at Middlebridge. South Ferry, or Franklin Ferry, was a thriving community, offering ferry service to Jamestown and Newport for more than a hundred years in the early 1700’s. South Ferry Church was a landmark on every sea captain’s chart of Narragansett Bay. **Between 1888 and 1920 Narragansett was well known as an elegant summer resort with a dozen more grand hotels and many large estates and “cottages”. Probably the most prominent landmark was Narragansett Casino, covering nearly one square block from Ocean Road to Mathewson Street. The towers on Ocean Road served as the main entrance and covered promenade and are all that remain after a devastating fire in 1900. Most of the large hotels, all built in wood, were destroyed by fire during the early 1900’s.
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  1. love the photo of the fence. sepia is a current obsession of mine.

    you know, i’ve been paying attention to these obsessions in my art. last month it was all about orange. this month the orange is still around, but sepia has joined the rage.

    keep your camera close — i’m looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading the writing that goes along with it.



  2. Oh…. how beautiful & refreshing! You don’t see that in Indiana! I hope you both enjoy your new home together. Isn’t it exciting, thrilling, nerve racking, and emotional all at once!


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