Lester Laminack

Next Monday (less than 5 days away), I will be introducing Lester Laminack.  I’m excited (and nervous) about this honor.  However, I’ve been thinking — What will I say to give a worthy introduction?  I’m at a loss, so I’ve been searching some websites & will put together a draft.  These sites are worth a looksy — Lester is a treasure to our profession!

Lester Laminack Home

Lester Laminack — Heinemann

Lester Laminack —

2 thoughts on “Lester Laminack

  1. I have enjoyed reading your work. I teach 3rd grade. Last year I participated in the National Writing Project at Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH It truly changed my life as a teacher!

    I lead a writing club after school for 3-5 graders. This is something that had not been provided in the school before. The interest was amazing! I usually have close to 30 students who want to write each week after school.

    We are working on our second publication of Writing Rocks at Epping Elementary School, an anthology of short stories and poems. We publish it through a great publishing site If you haven’t checked it out, please do!

    I love your logo, write, it’s good for you. Do you mind if I use it at our school? I certainly would like to give you credit for it. Please let me know. Keep writing!


  2. Lester is great. I took a course with him once.

    Just so you know, he’ll tell you he speaks two languages, English and Southern, when you meet him. He’s a riot!


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