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One Good Thing

Recently, my 11-year-old daughter was cleaning out her dresser drawer. She came across a small blue journal from second grade and ran into my bedroom as I folded the laundry. "Look, Mom! This is my "One Good Thing" journal from Ms. Hale's class." The laundry could wait; we had some reminiscing to do. Some of… Continue reading One Good Thing

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank a family member, friend, or colleague for a small kindness they've extended to you. While a text message or an e-mail is nice, a handwritten note or live conversation (i.e., in person, via Skype/Facetime, or on the telephone) is even better.

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A Month of Thanks Begins Today.

Every day in November, I mine my day in order to craft a thankful status update on Facebook. I approach this task like a writer. I walk through my day with a heightened awareness – just like I do when I craft slice of life stories. I savor a funny joke or the feel of my daughter's hand in mine. This allows me to capture moments and live with a sense of gratitude for the little things.