Book Review Policy

The Two Writing Teachers co-authors review books for children and young adults, which teachers can use to teach students about the qualities of good writing within the context of writing workshop.  We also review professional teaching books and participate in blog tours.  We do not receive monetary compensation for reviews.

If you have a book that fits within these categories, please visit our contact page so you can e-mail the appropriate co-author(s).  At this time, we’re accepting review copies for the following types of books:

Professional Texts

The co-authors of Two Writing Teachers review books about the teaching of writing. We will accept review copies of professional texts including, but not limited to, the following topics: assessment, charts, classroom management, conferring, grammar, mentor texts, minilessons, routines, small group instruction, spelling/phonics, vocabulary, and writer’s notebooks.  Please contact us if you think your book will be of interest to our audience, which is primarily composed of teachers of writing and literacy coaches in grades K – 8.

Trade Books

About half of our co-author team reviews trade books (e.g., picture books, MG, YA) for children. Please contact us if you think your book will be of interest to our audience.

Please note: Beth Moore and Stacey Shubitz are not interested in receiving books that feature a commercialized character from a television show, movie, or video game.

PDFs & E-Books
We do not accept PDFs or E-Books for review since part of the exploring a book is getting to flip through the pages.

Review Guarantees
Reviews are courtesies and are not guaranteed even if we accept a book.  (With regard to children’s books, we must be able to make a reading-writing connection so it can be used as a mentor text in classrooms.)  If we do not find a way for the book to be used by teachers within the context of writing workshop, then we will not review the book on this blog.

NOTE: This book reviewing policy was updated on 5/29/19. Please refer to this page as opposed to the old book reviewing policy which can be found here.

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