Slice of Life Story Challenge

It’s Tuesday! Welcome to Slice of Life on #TWTBlog!

Special Announcement: If you are headed to NCTE next week, we are having a Slicer Get-Together on Friday night. Email Melanie at if you’re interested in joining other slicers for a drink and/or dinner in Anaheim.


Sometimes the perfect quote presents itself at just the right time.

We talk a lot about gratitude in the month of November. I hope each of you has a long list going, with new additions every day. There is so much to be thankful for, and it does affect the way we see the world when we take time to notice and name those things.

Today, I’m thinking about a crew of people who have entered my life with a new job I started in August. I’m appreciating each of those people, and my slice this week was sparked by one of them.

I invite you to craft a slice of life story (in any form), share a link in the comments section below, then read and comment on the stories of at least three other slicers. If you’re looking for inspiration to get yourself started, you might consider a slice that celebrates someone in your life who is worthy of devout thanksgiving.

Let’s slice.

Write. Share. Give.

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