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It’s Tuesday! Welcome to Slice of Life with #TWTBlog

It’s time for the weekly Slice of Life post, and we’d love to hear what you have to say to the world today! Write, copy your blog link into the comments, and respond to the work of three amazing members of this writing community.

As a person who holds poetry near and dear to her heart, I find that today’s bit of inspiration feels like home:

“Always be a poet, even in prose.”
–Charles Baudelaire

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48 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Welcome to Slice of Life with #TWTBlog

    1. Too much on your plate? Yeah, I know what that feels like!

      (posting here because Blogspot has restricted access)

      Thank you for sharing this post – and the searching for fall treasures resource. I’m going to have to check that out! As far as the presentation, I hope it goes well. Maybe that’s…fuel for another slice…?


    1. (posting here because Blogspot doesn’t seem to like me today…)

      Melanie, I’ve definitely been here before. Why is it that negative comments echo for so much longer? I’d be interested in the brain biology behind it. My guess, as well, is that the dad who apologized to you might be replaying that scene in his head a few times as well…

      Now. As for that pumpkin cake recipe…how ’bout it?


    1. What EXQUISITE photos! And I’m sorry I couldn’t comment on your blog. Somehow I’m finding myself unable to comment on any blogspot posts – even at home away from school wifi.

      Anyway, I think my favorite was the flowers placed on the sand. There’s something to be said for the juxtaposition of the lively flowers and the landscape behind. Beautiful.


    1. I read your post and felt so disappointed for you. And yes, it’s one thing for our brains to realize that rejection is only part of the writer’s story. It’s another thing entirely for our heart to follow suit…


    1. I’m sure hoping you’ll see this comment, because I was unable to comment on your actual blog for some reason. Darn! Anyway, I just came there to say that I understand how hard it is to weed. I also think about all the weeded library books each fall and spring that I see in the staff lounge, and I always hope that they’ll find a kind home…

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      1. Some books are definitely harder than others, Lainie. Right now there are some “Arthur” books that I’m hoping get scooped up. I inherited a 45 year old library that is bursting at the seams with books, most of which aren’t circulating anymore.

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      2. Yes! And when I had my own classroom, I always tried to get my kids to go to the library and find books that looked like they needed loving and checking out, books that looked like they hadn’t been read in a while – and see what they thought of them. There were both gems AND klunkers discovered!

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