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Podcast Reflection and Excitement

As many of you may already know, Stacey, Amy, and I spent our summer working to launch the Two Writing Teachers Podcast. My focus on the podcast has continued throughout summer, and most of my blog-writing energy has transformed into podcast-creating energy. As I draft this post, we have produced 14 episodes with several more finalized and scheduled for publication.

I’ve learned that it’s easier to create a podcast when you have a plan. The process goes better with some oral rehearsal. Every now and then there’s a part you don’t like, even as you’re saying it, and you stop and say, “Wait, wait, wait. That’s not what I want to say.” And then the person running the recording platform hits pause, you recollect yourself and your thoughts, and you revise your statement. After all recordings are uploaded, you have a lot of editing to do. When you’re not listening and re-listening to the recordings, you’re listening to other people’s podcasts to figure out how they use music, how they structure their conversation, and even how they interrupt each other.

Does this sound familiar?

You can access our podcast and listen to current and previous episodes through Buzzsprout, our podcast hosting platform. If you’re new to podcasts and not sure about the process of listening to them, this article may be exactly what you need, as it explains how you can subscribe to them and receive notifications about new episodes. 

We have several Tips for Tomorrow that are four to six minutes long and include topics such as:

Additionally, we have longer episodes, our Digging Deeper Dialogues, which feature episodes such as:

More exist and more to come in both categories!

In many ways, this learning experience has put me into the minds of young writers as they figure out how to create effective pieces of writing. One of the first longer sessions we recorded was about volume and its importance in the lives of young writers– we’ve had firsthand experience with the importance of volume as we’ve learned how to plan, create, and produce podcasts!We hope you listen to us, and we welcome suggestions and feedback as we plan and work through future episodes. We would also be incredibly appreciative of ratings and reviews. Corwin Press is even sponsoring a book giveaway that anyone who leaves a rating or review is eligible to enter. Leave a review on any listening platform, fill out this form, and you may win a professional book of your choice! Thank you to both Stenhouse and Corwin Press since they have provided books for giveaways during this exciting time.

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  1. I really appreciate all the hard work you ladies have put into creating the podcast! I love all the episodes I’ve heard so far and can’t wait to catch up on what I’ve missed!

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