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Day 31 of the March SOLSC! #SOL22

You made it—congratulations! It is the final day of the 15th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge. Thank you for being a part of this incredible month. This digital badge is for you. Copy and paste it anywhere you’d like to remind yourself how good it feels right now to make it to day 31.

Write. Share. Give.



Today’s inspiration comes to us from Clare Landrigan, who blogs at Her post, “In Honor of a Fellow Slicer: Diane Dougherty,” is a loving tribute to a member of this community who passed away six months ago. Clare’s post speaks to the power of writing and sharing stories as a way to connect and to build treasured friendships. Over time, deep bonds form through slicing, even if writers don’t ever (or rarely) meet face to face.

On this final day of the challenge, we hope you will reflect on the connections you have made (and are making) through your engagement in this community.

  • Which relationships were strengthened this year?
  • Where do you see new connections forming?
  • How does it impact you as a writer (and a teacher of writers) to build a network of fellow slicers, to have an authentic audience eager to offer feedback and support?
  • Who might you thank, for making a difference in your own writing life?

Again, thank you for being a part of this amazing month. On behalf of the team at Two Writing Teachers Blog, we appreciate this opportunity to write and learn beside you. We hope you’ll be back on Tuesdays, when we host Slice of Life across the year.


The April Classroom SOLSC begins tomorrow! Even if you do not know a class participating, the students would love to receive comments! During April, please consider reading and commenting on student slices now and then. It would mean so much to our student writers to have readers that extend even beyond the community participating in the challenge. You can find the students/classes participating here. 


Need to contact a co-author with a question? Please email us rather than leaving your question within your comment (below). Thank you, in advance, for your patience with us. We receive a high volume of emails during the first few days of the challenge. We will respond to all emails as soon as possible.

If you have questions about the individual challenge, you may contact one of these co-authors.

  • If your last name begins with the letters A – F, please email questions to Amy Ellerman at ellermanamy[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters G – L, please email questions to Betsy Hubbard at betsymhubbard[at] 
  • If your last name begins with the letters M – Q, please email questions to Beth Moore at beth[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters R – U, please email questions to Melanie Meehan at meehanmelanie[at] 
  • If your last name begins with the letters V – Z, please email questions to Stacey Shubitz at stacey[at]

If you have questions about the Classroom Challenge, which will take place next month, you may contact Kathleen Sokolowski at mrs.sokolowski[at]

Please note: We’re unable to respond to challenge-related questions via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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