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Welcome to the eighth day of the 14th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!


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Alice, of Nerd Begets Nerd, wrote a Snowstorm Post Script slice back in February. When I read her post, I was reminded of one of my favorite parts of this challenge. When slicers share stories in poem form, it often inspires other writers who have been reluctant to try poetry. I hope this will inspire some of you to give poetry a try today.


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256 thoughts on “DAY 8 OF THE MARCH SOLSC! #SOL21

    1. Dear georgiaaustin1,

      I wanted to comment on your post regarding “This is the best I can do tonight,” but I did not see a comment space. With that said, I think your post is perfectly written. It captured all of the essentials of meaningful text.

      You relayed an important event, how it made you feel, your hopes regarding what transpired – and given the subject matter, you’ve allowed your audience to think and feel much of the angst that’s been spread throughout the world. Thank you for writing. The thread of humanity was present in every word. ~Carla Michelle

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  1. As I remember International Women’s Day, I can’t help but celebrate the one of two women who have personally impacted my life the most – my fierce and passionate grandmother, the most iconic woman I’ve ever known – and the one who shaped both me and my mother. This post is for her – and the many around the world who’s pain survived yielded life prolific.

    I love you, Grandma and miss you dearly.

    ~Carla Michelle


    1. Boots were the worst… I hated my boots… they were the big old fluffy boots with terrible ankle support. Mom tried getting cool things on them like ninja turtles… but nope – no boots for me


    1. Love how you ended it… I can’t tell you how many times I see a DIY project or something someone has… Its not that I need it or I love it… its more-so the challenge in front of me to say I can do it – Sounds Delicious!


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