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The Classroom Challenge is “Write” Around The Corner. Are The Kids Ready?

With an intentional plan and gradual release, you and your class can have an amazing month of blogging!  Here are a few tips the teachers and I are using to get bloggers prepared and excited!


Help your students build an understanding of blogs by reading a couple of blogs a day as a part of your shared reading.

Here are a few to get you started.

First Grade


Mrs. Nixon’s First Grade

@Frazier1st 20140-2015

Third Grade

Mrs. Sokolowski’s Third Grade Learner’s

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Johnson’s Firth Grade Class

Deepen student understanding by asking questions like those below to guide discussion and spark wonder. Chart student responses for students to refer to later as they begin to blog.

  • What do writers blog about?
  • How long is a blog post?
  • Who are they writing for? (remind students of audience)
  • What type of media (photos, videos, typing, pictures of written work) do you see in blogs?
  • Do blogs have titles?
  • Do all blogs get comments?
  • What makes a blog interesting?
  • What have you seen that you’d like to add to YOUR blog?


Compose a blog post together! Interact with the post and students as you would in an interactive writing experience. Share the iPad, allow the kids to type on the iPad just as you would share the marker in interactive writing. Students can help with letter sounds, spelling, and sentence organization. Just as we would in an interactive writing lesson, the blogs the kids write should represent the best of their abilities and the lessons you’ve taught. The writing they do independently will not be perfect, but it should represent their development.

Celebrate and POST!


Invite others to be a part of your writing community by sharing your blog on social media, emailing parents, and posting in the lounge or library for other teachers to access!

Then, revisit the blog to read comments and reply and watch the writing grow!

With a thoughtful gradual release, you and your class are going to have an amazing month of blogging!

5 thoughts on “The Classroom Challenge is “Write” Around The Corner. Are The Kids Ready?

  1. I truly believe in the power of audience in motivating students to write. Blogging allows students to connect with others and find an audience for their thoughts and ideas. I am wondering what platform most teachers use for their students’ blogs ? Given current fiscal constraints, what platforms are free? Thank you for your ideas.


  2. Your post makes blogging with kids seem doable. I didn’t have a sense of how to get started and now I do. I’d love to see a video of you and your class in action, using the iPad for an Interactive writing experience!


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