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Be a Teacher Who Writes!

Have you resolved to write alongside your students this year? (If you haven’t considered it yet, then check out Lanny Ball’s post, which might inspire you to make that a goal for the 2018-19 school year.) If so, engaging in low-stakes writing of your own — in a writer’s notebook or on a blog — is a perfect way to build your own writing muscles (apart from the writing you’ll do in service of the units of study you teach).

Join us today and any Tuesday year-round for our weekly writing challenge. All you have to do is write a post on your blog, share the link to it (in the comments below), and give at least three other participants’ comments on their blog.

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Write. Share. Give.

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58 thoughts on “Be a Teacher Who Writes!

  1. I actually had the idea to start doing this earlier in August! I also just published my 2nd blog post yesterday before I saw this post! Love that many people are doing this with their students!


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