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Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge

Welcome to the Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge.

Copy the permalink to your slice in the comments below.

Share the love–be sure to read and comment on three other slices.

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WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOLS bloggers.

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55 thoughts on “Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge Leave a comment

  1. This is my first Slice of Life post! Thank you for giving me a place to share and motivation to write.
    This is a piece about my reaction to our son’s elementary school graduation. I started using this story to brainstorm for other pieces of writing– possible connected arguments I could write. This is why there are questions at the bottom of the piece. Maybe I will post one in the future? Wondering–can Slices of Life posts be poems and pieces of writing other than personal stories?


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