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SOL Tuesday

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled Tuesday Slice of Life!  Many of you just participated in the 11th Annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge, and whether you are new or a seasoned veteran, we are glad to see you return to Two Writing Teachers today to share your slice of life!


WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOLS bloggers.

A quote for inspiration:

Italian arches

“We write to taste life twice.  In the moment, and in retrospect.”

– ANAÏS NIN, Author

* Please note that while Slice of Life Tuesdays will continue throughout the month of April, Two Writing Teachers co-authors will be taking a brief week-long spring break from blogging during the week of April 15th through the 22nd.

Please look for us to return on April 23rd!

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    1. Glenda, I’ve tried to add a comment a couple of times on this post. I can’t see that they’re actually posting, and I hope they’re not posting multiple times. Comments just aren’t loading on your blog for me right now. It may be on my end. I have two Google accounts–school and personal–and sometimes it makes everything glitch.

      I loved your post and I’m looking forward to reading all of the responses you get…if I can ever get them to load.


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