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Welcome to the eighth day of the 11th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  


      • A short video announcement:

  • Beth Moore, the co-author in charge of tech support for the challenge, moves to a more limited tech support role today. However, as she was trying to notify people of broken links in the past few days, she noticed several people she needed to contact didn’t fill out the participant information form. Since this form closed on Monday afternoon, we ask that you notify the appropriate co-author if your comment doesn’t appear on TWT after a few hours. (As always, WordPress often places some comments in spam — we don’t know whey this happens! — and we’ll continue to fish those out throughout the day.) Here’s who you should contact if you notice an issue:
    • If your last name begins with the letters A – I, please email questions to Betsy Hubbard, betsymhubbard{at}
    • If your last name begins with the letters J – R, please email questions to Melanie Meehan, meehanmelanie{at}
    • If your last name begins with the letters S – Z, please email questions to me, stacey{at}
  • For general tech-related questions, you may email Beth at beth{at}




I’ve streamlined the essential information this year into a slideshow so the daily calls for slice of life stories aren’t cluttered with text. If you need to refer back to any of the basic information about the challenge, click here to view a brief slideshow.

Need to contact a co-author with a question? Please email us rather than leaving your question within your comment (below). Thank you, in advance, for your patience with us. We receive a high volume of emails during the first week of the challenge.

Email addresses are listed above.

Please note: We’re unable to respond to challenge-related questions via Facebook and Twitter.

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    1. Sometimes it is what it is. However it can be annoying when someone automatically categorizes you without having any clue of who you are beyond a superficial glance. On another note…Happy International Women’s Day!


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