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It’s Tuesday! Time to share a slice of life!

Welcome to our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge!screen-shot-2017-03-14-at-1-30-42-pm15




Please leave the permalink to your own blog post, and comment on at least three other posts. Comments energize writers and keep our writing community vibrant.

On a related note, if you are a slicer who is attending NCTE in St. Louis and you’re interested in joining Stacey and Deb for dinner on 11/18 at 7 pm, please email Stacey at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com. They’d love to raise a glass and toast members of our community in person!

70 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Time to share a slice of life!

    1. For some reason, I am unable to leave a comment on Blogspot posts. (I think I just don’t know how to enter my WordPress username.) I always get the message in red that my URL Credentials Could Not Be Verified. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

      Anyway…. here’s the reply I tried to leave: I agree with you completely than fiction writing is very challenging. In fact, I am very open with my students about how difficult I find writing short stories. I am just not good at plotting, I tell them. In the past, I’ve used my story, “Knowing Where A Spark Could Lead” from my personal writing blog in class. (I read it aloud, and I took their feedback.) Discussing this story with them revealed some obvious problems…. which I have not fixed yet!!!! Aghghghgh! Thanks for this post!


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