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It’s Tuesday! Time to Share a Slice of Life.

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Write. Share. Give.

Welcome to our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge!

Stuck for what to write about? Try reading past posts from last week or earlier–you can’t help but be inspired by the stories you read.

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Write. Share. Give.

61 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Time to Share a Slice of Life.

  1. 63 degrees when I woke up this morning
    Walked the dog
    Drank some coffee
    Read an old book I’d never read before
    Chatted with a neighbor for too long.
    Teachers went back to school today
    Not me
    17 years
    A consultant.
    Love my freedom
    Freaked out by it
    Should I still be sitting here reading and writing
    On my own schedule
    But not on a pay schedule
    Another cup of coffee then I will paint the deck.


  2. Disabled teacher with COPD loves going to his new chiropractor with a new tool: The Impulse Adjusting Instrument!


    1. I can relate to teaching different age groups. My specialty was Developmental English/Writing, a remedial course that gets students ready for College Composition. I taught it four times a day as a full-timer, knowing I could tweak it later in the day or follow-up on the next day. As a substitute teacher in all grades and most subjects, i knew I had one chance to get that lesson right if it was a one-day gig, as opposed to long-term.

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    1. Fran Haley. This was such a sweet story. I have asthma too–not to mention COPD & sleep apnea. Sample Grammar Sentencefrom my class: “Finally, I can walk up the stairs without wheezing.” I’m about to write my SOL: COPD & the Chiropractor.

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