Slice of Life Story Challenge

Day 15 of the March SOLSC #SOL17

Welcome to day 15. You’ve made it to the halfway point of the challenge!

If you’re sharing your students’ slice of life stories, please head over to the Classroom Challenge.


Are you a last minute, write by the seat of your pants slicer?  Or do you plan ahead? Introducing two new badges! Feel free to take and use the one that applies to you.




  • Former TWT co-author Dana Murphy wrote this slice during last March’s challenge. It’s an imaginary conversation with her doctor about why she will not give up her afternoon coffee. Perhaps you have a habit you want to write about today.
  • Click here if you need topic ideas.




Please use the SAME email/username information on all of your March comments.


Prizes will be given away at the conclusion of the month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge.  You’ll be eligible for a prize if:

1.     You filled out the participant data form, which went live on February 19th.

2.     You comment ONLY ONCE on the daily call for Slice of Life stories (3/1 – 3/31/17).

3.     You sign a Slice of Life Story Challenge Participation Pledge on April 1st.  (We’ll post the pledge and will ask you to “sign.” You’ll sign by leaving a comment certifying you wrote and linked daily, as well as commented on at least three other Slicers’ writing daily.)

  • In order to be eligible for prizes at the end of the challenge,  you must leave the link to your slice of life story by 11:59 p.m.  EDT.
    • Only links left by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time will count when you’re signing-off on the participation pledge on April 1st.
  • The call for slices goes up at midnight EDT. Everyone has the same 24-hour window to post, regardless of the time zone in which they live.
  • Please play fair and leave only one link each day.


  • Should you have questions about the Challenge, please contact:
      • If your last name begins with the letters A – G, please email Betsy, betsymhubbard{at}
      • If your last name begins with the letters H – M, please email questions to Lisa, lkeeler{at}
      • If your last name begins with the letters N – S, please email questions to Melanie, meehanmelanie{at}
      • If your last name begins with the letters T – Z, please email questions to Stacey, stacey{at}
      • Tech-related questions? Contact Beth Moore at beth[at]elizabethmoore[dot]work


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