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So You Say You’re Not a Writer

Are you attending the 2016 NCTE Annual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia later this week? If so, come see us Saturday from 4:15 PM – 5:30 PM in room B309 (Session K.46).

Our session is centered around helping teachers develop their own writing lives. If you do not yet consider yourself a writer, you will leave with the confidence and tools to get started on a new writing journey. And, if you are already a writer, we hope to re-energize your writerly side with some new ideas.

Beth is going to get us started with her portion of the presentation titled “Finding Inspiration for Your Own Writing Life.” Beth is an avid writer herself and is going to share many ideas on how you can jumpstart your own writing life.

In “Using a Writer’s Notebook to Notice and Play,” I will show you how to keep your very own writer’s notebook. I will share pages from my own writer’s notebook and show you how to start your own notebook.

Deb will talk about digital writing and blogging in her portion of the presentation titled “Your Writing Life Matters.” Deb will share her own experience as a blogger and talk about how digital publishing can transform your life as a writer.

The next part of the presentation, “Fearless Feat: Stepping into Poetry”, will explore the often unchartered world of poetry in the adult writer’s life. We are hoping our dear friend Betsy will still be able to join us for this portion. She is our resident poetry advocate.

Finally, we are happy to be joined by our friend and former co-author Tara who will talk about how our writing lives impact us as teachers. Tara’s portion is titled “Writing to Discover Your Place in the World” and will empower you to finally call yourself a writer.

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, this is sure to be a fun-filled, practical session. Please come say hello – we would love to meet you!



  • Stacey won’t be joining us at the convention this year since she is less than two months postpartum. Kathleen is unable to attend this year as well. 
  • When we submitted our proposal for NCTE 2016 last January, Melanie and Lisa were not yet part of our TWT team. Therefore, they are not presenting with us although they are both attending the conference.

10 thoughts on “So You Say You’re Not a Writer

  1. I would love to attend but at that time I am with the Wonderopolis team presenting on The Power of Wonder and Inquiry in the Classroom and at Home. I hope to meet-up with everyone at NCTE.


  2. Oh sound great! I wish I could be there. Will you be posting all this wonderful info after the conference so those of us not attending and learn a bit as well. Shorten blog posts maybe!
    Thanks for all you do to keep writing alive in the classrooms and within our own lives. Have fun at the conference!


  3. I am presenting Saturday morning from 8 – 9:15 with Jen Ward and Heather Montgomery. I will try to stop in to your presentation! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys. Cindy Jenson-Elliott


  4. I’m sorry to be missing NCTE and this awesome presentation. Hope to follow along on Twitter! Good luck to the team!


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