You Can Find Us at #TheEdCollab Gathering Today

Today is the Fall 2016 #TheEdCollabGathering! If you have never tuned in before grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, change into something comfy, and get ready to take notes. #TheEdCollabGathering is a full day of FREE professional development, right from the comfort of your own home. Yes, I said FREE! Browse through the amazing agenda, and choose which live sessions you want to watch.

You can find Beth, Deb, and I today at 1:00 EST. Our session title is Going Public with Kids’ Writing: Rethinking Audience, Purpose, and Feedback. Beth will start us off by talking about displaying kids’ writing. Beth will share the many reasons we should take the time to display our students’ writing, and she will talk about displaying both works-in-progress as well as published pieces (that’s published, not perfect). As I listened to Beth practice her presentation the other night, I felt so inspired to get back to work the next day to get some kids’ writing on display!

A sneak peek at Beth's presentation
A sneak peek at Beth’s presentation

Next, Deb will speak about the importance of audience and how she uses everyday sharing and celebrations to provide an authentic audience for her students. During our practice session, I was scribbling so many notes for myself as Deb shared all the cool things she does in her classroom from her ingenious use of bulletin boards to tech tools like screen casting. Deb will give you so many ideas for sharing your kids’ writing. Like she says in her presentation, the teaching doesn’t have to stop for sharing.

A sneak peek at Deb's presentation
A sneak peek at Deb’s presentation

Finally, I will talk about feedback and how to make it matter in your classroom. I will share some research about feedback and then explain how I use the research in the classrooms I work in. I can’t wait to share four structures I’ve come to rely on to make feedback matter to kids.

A sneak peek at my presentation
A sneak peek at my presentation

We are looking forward to a great day of learning with #TheEdCollab family. See you later in cyberspace!

5 thoughts on “You Can Find Us at #TheEdCollab Gathering Today

  1. I just finished joining you for your session. It was so formative and helpful. Now I will take the ten pages of notes I took and figure out how to include them in my coming week. Thanks so much, to all of you, for your wisdom and willingness to share.

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  2. HI Ladies! So excited to join you all for the edcollab presentation but I was wondering if the presentation on feedback will be addressing meaningful feedback for ell an kinder writers. Most often I try to use a rebus style (picture with words) glow and grow but have been informed that it might not be purposeful. I was wondering how you all do it, or if during the edcollab feedback portion you will be discussing how you do so with a k population. Thank you so much

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    1. Hi Stephanie. The feedback portion is for a very wide audience so it doesn’t address kindergarten or ELL specifically. However, I will share four structures I’ve used in my own classrooms and I could definitely see them being adapted for kindergarten students. I have only used them with 3rd grade and above in my own practice.

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