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SOL Tuesday & ONE Week Until the March Challenge Begins

Write. Share. Give.
Write. Share. Give.


Our month-long Challenge is almost here. If you’re planning to participate, please make sure you fill out the participant information form today.

I’d like to take a moment to thank the incredible, large group of people who volunteered to be part of the Welcome Wagon for this year’s SOLSC. They are:

Adrienne Gillespie, Aileen Hower, Barbara Keene, Barbara Suter, Becky Leff, Beth Scanlon, Bev Baird, Bob Hamera, Brittany Butler, Carol Wilcox, Carrie C., Chris Margocs, Chris Rayner, Donna Smith, Elisa Waingort, Erika Calhoun, Erika Victor, Fran McVeigh, Joanne Toft, Jone, Julie Johnson, Julieanne Harmatz, Kathleen Britto, Kim Koehler, Kristi Lonheim, Laura Brown, Laura Lee, Leigh Anne Eck, Linda Baie, Lori Sheroan, Maria T. DeHaan, Maya Woodall, Michelle Haseltine, Mindi Rench, Molly Hogan, Robin Sheldon, Rose Cappelli, Sally Donnelly, and Shelly Surridge.

If you’re a Seasoned Slicer who is interested in welcoming new Slicers this year, then please fill out the Welcome Wagon form by tonight. Betsy, Kathleen, and Tara will be assigning new Slicers to the Welcome Wagon starting tomorrow.

Click to visit our store.
Click to visit our store.

Do you have a need for some Slicer swag before March begins?  Stop by and visit our Cafepress store.  You can purchase T-shirts, keychains, tote bags, and more while doing a good deed since all of the profits from our store go to the Pajama Program!

Finally, please mark your calendar if you’re a Slicer who will be at the ILA 2016 Conference in Boston this summer. Beth and I will attend the conference. Therefore, we’re looking forward to hosting a Slicer Breakfast on Sunday morning, July 10th at 8:00 a.m. Location TBA.


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    1. Blogging has changed my life. Now I practice writing every week…a self-imposed,, much enjoyed discipline. Every week I get responses from people I admire and respect as teachers and writers. What more could a writer ask for than a responsive audience! In the one year that I have been blogging I have developed “friendships” and a community that I am proud to be part of so there’s kinship (which is important for a retiree who no longer has a community to belong to every day). Every week I learn new ideas, read about important books to use for teaching and for personal professional development…and all for free! I have also discovered so many other blogging sites through weekly blogging. Some of them allow me to pursue personal interests while others allow me to make new connections for writing. Through blogging I have experienced all the ups and downs of being a writer so I can have more empathy for students who are struggling with revision, writer’s block, and the like. All this, and so much more, is why I urge you to blog. But watch out. It can be addictive!


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