Slicer Participant Information Form

The Ninth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge begins on Tuesday, March 1st and I can’t wait!

Would you take a minute to fill out the following form? It will help the eight of us keep track of who is participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Further, it will assist us with timely prize distribution in April.

In addition, you’ll notice three new questions that deal with writing pods. In an attempt to make it easier to find people who have similar interests to you, we’re experimenting with writing pods this year. Once everyone’s information is entered into the database (which must be done by March 5th, 2016 to be in the running for a prize), I will email each participant a spreadsheet that includes each person’s username, blog URL, and areas of interest. For instance, someone might check off that they’re a mid-career teacher who likes to blog about their children who are under 18, their spouse, and cooking. When you receive the spreadsheet on March 6th, you can check for other people who blog about their kids, their spouse, cooking, and/or who are mid-career teachers. While we cannot guarantee that the people in your writing pod(s) will comment on your posts, it is one of our attempts at making the challenge feel a little smaller this year.

Please note: Kindly fill out this year’s form even if you did so last year since we retire our database each year.

Thank you!