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Last Call for the Welcome Wagon!


My one year blogging anniversary is a couple of weeks away.  It feels to me like I’ve always been blogging, but not so. It has been less than a year since I launched my personal blog, Courage Doesn’t Always Roar, in preparation for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC). My friend and fellow blogger, Barbara Suter, and I had been trying to blog on a community site of the Long Island Writing Project. We seemed to be the only ones reading each other’s blog posts! Barbara and I developed a friendship that came from getting to know each other through our writing. When I read about the Two Writing Teachers SOLSC that happens each March, I knew I wanted to try it and encouraged Barbara to try it, too.  How might blogging be different if we had actual readers and people commenting on our writing, aside from each other?

Turns out, blogging and receiving comments each day is actually life-changing. Barbara shared in this post, written near the end of last year’s SOLSC, that being part of the Two Writing Teachers community was transformative. I often say that joining the SOLSC changed my life and though it sounds dramatic, I believe it with all my heart.  Writing is mostly a solitary act, but when you publish your thoughts and allow others to read and comment on what you’ve put out into the world, it’s so validating. Suddenly you are not alone in your thoughts and community grows.  Being part of a community of writers, for me, has made all the difference.

Community comes from commenting on each other’s posts. With that, Two Writing Teachers is looking for volunteers to be part of this year’s Welcome Wagon for the 9th Annual SOLSC, beginning March 1st. The Welcome Wagon is a group of experienced Slicers who commits to reading and commenting on new bloggers’ posts.  Comments have so much meaning and power for the writer and we don’t want new Slicers to somehow get overlooked.  Tara Smith put out the call for the Welcome Wagon earlier this month, and this is our last call for anyone who wants to join this group. By signing up for the Welcome Wagon, you are committing to reading and commenting on 3 new Slicers posts each day for the entire challenge.

Please fill out the form below as soon as possible (no later than February 3rd). If you already filled out the form, no need to do it again. We will be in touch soon for all those who have graciously and generously volunteered to be part of the Welcome Wagon!

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