Call For Volunteers: Will You Help?


The ninth annual March Slice of Life Story Challenge is just around the corner! Consider joining the team to gear up for the challenge that stretches the writers inside all of us.

This year, we will once again be hosting two Slice of Life Story Challenges for the entire month of March.  Stacey, Dana, Beth, and Betsy will be hosting the adult blogger challenge (which you’ve seen for the past eight years) and Anna, Deb, Kathleen,  and I  will be hosting the classroom challenge for teachers whose students are participating in the SOLSC with their own blogs.  Therefore, we are once again coming to you with a request.

If you’ve participated in one or more of the March Slice of Life Story Challenges, and would be willing to assist us in all the support needed to keep this going, then please keep reading!

  • We Need a Welcome Wagon! Those of you who’ve been slicing in March know it’s hard to jump in and feel comfortable leaving comments. Therefore, I’d like to find several people who are committed to supporting newcomers during the entire month.  Not only will you identify new slicers, but you’ll commit to commenting on at least three newcomers’ blogs every  day for the entire month (barring any unforeseen circumstances).

Participating daily in the Slice of Life Story Challenge is a big commitment.  Please do not volunteer  if writing and linking for 31 days straight is a big enough commitment for you. If you are interested, please fill in the form below. We  would like to have our welcome wagon filled by January 30th. When I hear from you, I will contact you soon with follow-up information. The only people seeing your information will be the co-authors of TWT.