Drumroll, Please…


The eight of us here at Two Writing Teachers love to share our passion for the teaching of writing.  We are not paid for our work on this blog, nor do we want to be.  This blog truly is a labor of love.

That being said, it certainly is appreciated by all of us when our hard work is acknowledged.  We are thrilled to have been awarded the 2015 Best Group Blog Award.  Thank you, readers, for nominating and then voting for us in the Best Group Blog Category.  We are so honored.  (One of us may have actually shouted with glee at the announcement during a family party, but that person shall remain nameless.)

Thank you.  We are so pleased to win this award.

37 thoughts on “Drumroll, Please…

  1. This is so well deserved!!! I am so happy for each of you. Thank you, thank you for your dedication to writing teachers. I LOVE and look forward to each and every post you share.


  2. Congratulations! I’m using tips and strategies in a classroom right now that came from your shared expertise on this blog. Our students are doing amazing writing work, thanks in large part to all of you.

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  3. Well deserved!!! I have learned so much from this blog and I enjoy reading through all of the suggestions and recommendations you offer each day! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

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  4. Congratulations! TWT is my weekly email life-line for writing strategies, real teacher to real teacher. I laugh, pound the desk… “Yes, yes… you get it!” TWT raises my spirits, touches my heart, and supports me when I stand alone in the quicksand… “first grade writer’s workshop”. KUDOS!

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  5. Absolutely, hands down, the best blog ever! I stand on your shoulders often as a literacy coach supporting classroom teachers with writing workshop in their classrooms. Thank you for your honesty, candor and timely posts:)

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  6. Congratulations! I look forward to reading your blog. You really enhance my teaching and offer great insights and ideas! Thank you for sharing so much with us out here.

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