Welcome to the World, Oliver!

The days are long, but the years are short. -Gretchen RubinYou’ll notice one of our co-authors will not be posting for the next three months. Thankfully, it’s for a happy reason! Anna had a baby yesterday. Anna, James (her husband), and Tommy (her older son) welcomed Oliver Michael Cockerille into the world just about 24 hours ago. Everyone is doing well.

The co-author team wanted to host a virtual baby shower for Anna. I surveyed the team for ideas and we decided to share our favorite parenting-related websites, blogs, and Twittter accounts so that Anna can have some new reading material to keep her occupied when she’s up at all hours of the night with her newborn son. (While I hope Oliver sleeps through the night fast, I know long nights are a reality for most of us when we welcome new babies into the world.)

My suggestions:

  • Kveller: While it’s known as a Jewish parenting website, Kveller tackles many non-religious topics on their blog. Plus, they have entire sections dedicated to babies, toddlers, and families who live in New York, which is where Anna lives.
  • @PiperPreschool contributes the most gems to the #overheardatpreschool hashtag. It’s amazing to read some of the things the folks at Piper Preschool overhear the kids saying!
  • @PreschoolGems is another account that reminds you kids say the darndest things!

Please join me in welcoming Anna’s new son to the world by leaving a comment for her below. You can leave a general comment or join in the fun by leaving a link to your favorite parenting websites, blogs, or Twitter accounts.