Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge


Hello Writers! Welcome to the first Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge in July. Summer is a wonderful time to begin something new. If you’re joining us for the first time, here are some FAQs from our Slice of Life info page.

If you are a veteran Slicer, welcome back, we are thrilled you are here.

FAQ’S for the Tuesday Slice of Life Story Challenge

How do I start?

Are you wondering what a slice of life story is? Click on this image to enlarge & to learn more.

Take it step-by-step:

  • Start a blog. Blogger and WordPress are easy to navigate and have great step-by-step directions when getting started.

  • Write and post a Slice on your blog. A Slice is a little segment of your day.

  • Copy the unique URL (this is the link that goes directly to your blog post, not just a link to your blog).

  • Visit the Two Writing Teachers “Call for Slices” post on Tuesday.

  • Paste the unique URL in a comment with a short snippet about your Slice. Here is an example:

    Comment: My Slice:  What the extra hour of Fall Back is really for:  http://tmsteach.blogspot.com/2013/11/slice-of-life-tuesday-how-i-wasted-hour.html

  • Read and comment on at least three other Slicers’ posts.