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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 20 of 31

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Welcome to Day 20!

Have you ever spent a day waiting for something: good news, new shoes, a soccer game, or a visit from a special relative? Can you remember the way all that “waiting” was harder and harder to do as the day went along? That was just how Maddie felt as she had to wait for some news in this slice of life:

Today was the day. After all this waiting, I would find out! The day I had been awaiting since Easter. Today I would find out if it were going to be a boy or a girl!

All day, I just wanted to get to the end of the day. That is when I would get the text message with the news. All possible thoughts raced through my head!

If it’s a girl: I would have to share my room, but then I would get to re-decorate it. I could dress her up and braid her hair. I would get a break from my three brothers!

If it’s a boy: Four brothers! I could play sports with him. I wouldn’t have to share a room and I would remain the “princess” of the family.

The day happened to be Civil War day. Emily and I were rushing down to the lunchroom. We were talking about the baby and guessing whether it would be a boy or girl. Our conversation was interrupted when we heard “Maddie, wait”!  My friend lives across the street from the school and they are family friends. Her mom was standing there with a big grin. My other friend’s mom was filming me with her phone. I was very confused. That’s when I was handed a paper by the mom not filming me. It was a stiff white piece of paper. There were pink letters on the front spelling out “Madison Jones”. The folded paper became heavy as I figured out that this was the information I had been waiting for!

I slowly opened it to the blue and pink letters. Awe was my feeling, and I was speechless… but only for a second. Then, I screamed with joy! Emily and I were both jumping up and down. The words on the paper were big, bold and neatly written…

It’s a GIRL!!!

Happy Slicing!

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