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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 19 of 31

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Welcome to Day 19!

Do you have a favorite place? One that you can close your eyes and imagine perfectly? Well, that would be a wonderful thing to write  about, as Melinda did in this slice of life:

The thing I love most about the cabin in Maine is sitting at the table by the window with my family and eating dinner. We talk and look out the big window and see the sun setting on the lake. The light glimmers on the lake like a million little stars dancing around. Everything is perfect. Another thing I love about this cabin is its location. It is on a secluded little gravel road occupied by my family, aunts, uncles, and cousins scattered among the little cabins on the lake. Therefore, my cousins and I just leave the house and meet up in the picnic area or down by the docks. We roam around playing games without a care in the world.

I love the freedom of walking around, maybe stopping by my grandma’s cabin to say hi or asking if she wants to take a boat ride later. I always think that I am the luckiest person in the world when I’m on this little road. Some people might find the cabins gross and ask why I would want to stay in a place like that. What would I tell them? Well, I would say that I love it because my entire family is there, the lake is gorgeous, and I have the freedom that I never have anywhere else.

Happy Slicing!

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