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Day 8 of the March SOLSC! #SOL15

Write, Share, Give
Write, Share, Give


Eastern Daylight Time begins today.  Remember to link your posts by 11:59 p.m. EDT. (Everyone will still have the same 24-hour window to post, regardless of the time zone in which they live.)

Our Weekend Commenting Challenge continues today.  ICYMI: Check out Dana’s post about the commenting challenge. I hope you’ll participate!


BE INSPIRED.Tom Riddoch blogs at Nothing2read: Try Writing Something. He recently wrote a slice of life story, “Alien Robots, Giant Perch, and the Cold,” that was a great small moment piece about night noises.  If you’re struggling to keep your slices about small parts of the day, then read Tom’s post for some inspiration.



“I will write until not a single word remains in my soul… until every story in my heart is told… until my mind’s well of ideas is bone dry… and even then I will write on because writing is not just something I do but part of who I am.” –Kathy R. Jeffords



Please use the SAME email/username information on all of your March comments.


  • Please include the permalink (aka: unique URL) to your post when you leave a comment.
  • Don’t despair if your comment doesn’t post immediately, even if you’ve commented on TWT before. Sometimes our system randomly holds comments for moderation. If you use the same username/email to log in when you leave your comment, your comments should appear instantly in the future.


  • In order to be in the running for a prize at the end of the month, you must leave the link to your slice of life story by 11:59 p.m. EDT to be eligible for prizes.
    • Only links left before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time will count when you’re signing-off on the participation pledge on April 1st.
      • The call for slices goes up at midnight EDT. Everyone has the same 24-hour window to post, regardless of the time zone in which they live.
  • Please play fair and leave only one link each day.

Social Media:

  • We are using #sol15 on tweets about Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  • Should you have questions about getting started with this Challenge, please contact:
    • If your last name begins with the letters A – I, please e-mail questions to Betsy, betsymhubbard{at}
    • If your last name begins with the letters J – R, please e-mail questions to Dana, dmurph08{at}
    • If your last name begins with the letters S – Z, please e-mail questions to Stacey, stacey{at}


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I am a literacy consultant who has spent the past dozen years working with teachers to improve the teaching of writing in their classrooms. While I work with teachers and students in grades K-6, I'm a former fourth and fifth-grade teacher so I have a passion for working with upper elementary students.

I'm the author of Craft Moves (Stenhouse Publishers, 2016) and the co-author of Jump Into Writing (Zaner-Bloser, 2021), Welcome to Writing Workshop (Stenhouse Publishers, 2019), and Day By Day (Stenhouse, 2010).

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  1. So, I’ve been writing my slices late at night, and forgetting to add my slices here. I don’t know how long I’ve been doing this, hopefully not long. They’re all on my blog!!! Feel free to check them out.

    Here’s todays… from yesterday… because I fell asleep at 9pm last night. I was anticipating the problem of losing an hour of sleep, I think.

    I will get this!!


  2. My Best friends wedding
    I met nancy 7 years ago when we started teaching together.  We instantly became friends. We were friend sole mates.  Through those 7 years our friendship grew and we became best friends. We’ve been through a lot together. We’ve spent hours together. Been the keeper of each other’s secrets. Been the sounding board for thoughts, […] My best friend is getting married 🙂


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