Join our March SOLSC Welcome Wagon!


The Eighth Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge is just about three weeks away.  This will be my fourth Challenge, and although I feel as though I am a somewhat seasoned slicer, I have to admit that writing a SOL everyday still makes me just a bit anxious.  When I took part in my first March Challenge, I worried about two things:  Will I have something to write about everyday? Will anyone even read what I’ve written?  I will never forget the kind and encouraging comments left, day after day, as I built my writing  confidence one slice at a time by Linda Baie, Bonnie Kaplan, and Elsie – members of the “welcome wagon”, the folks who had committed themselves to supporting new slicers all month long.

When Betsy put out her “Call for Volunteers” in January, I remember pausing at the welcome wagon section, and sending a silent thanks out (again) to those wonderful and generous ladies.  They kept me going that March, and have brought me back every March since.

Joining the March SOLSC for the first time is often a daunting idea, but there is something truly wonderful about posting that first slice and hearing back from another writer who liked the way you crafted a line or captured a scene.  Those comments inspire you to keep writing, even when you really don’t want to (yes, we all have those days!).   Our March SOLSC community has grown by leaps and bounds, with each passing year. So we are grateful to the following slicers who have stepped up to volunteer for this year’s welcome wagon:

Rissa Zimmerman

Robin Sheldon

Bonnie Kaplan

Bev Baird

Angela Stockman

Carol Wilcox     

Erin Johnson 

Jessica Touhy 

Kim Koehler

Carrie Cahill   

If you would like to consider joining their ranks and reaching out to our newcomers with much-appreciated comments, please add your name to the Google form at the bottom on Betsy’s post.

Some day soon, a new slicer or two will be sending you their silent thanks for supporting and nurturing their first March SOLSC effort …(thanks again, Bonnie, Linda, and Elsie.  You gave me my slicing start!).