Because Of a Word

As our building’s literacy coach, I often have the privilege of talking to several classrooms of kids, across grade levels.  Such was the case when we returned from Winter Break.  Teachers of grades 3rd – 6th graciously invited me in to talk to their students about choosing One Little Word.  In various classrooms, I sat on the carpet among the kids and shared my own One Little Word.  We talked about the factors we might consider when choosing a word, such as the richness of the word and the part of speech.  I showed them my own writer’s notebook and how I had written about my possible words before making a final decision. I encouraged the kids to talk to each other and write in their writer’s notebooks for a few days before making a choice.  I left small pieces of construction paper and asked them to write down their word after they had chosen.  Slowly, my mailbox began to fill with their choices.  Here was the final result:

Every time I walk past this hallway bulletin board, I smile.  My mind fills with questions and possibilities.  What if this group of kids spent the next year truly living these words?  What kind of people might they turn out to be?  Try.  Roar.  Leap.  Brave.  Hope.  Notice.  How might their lives be forever changed?  All because of a word.