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Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 13 of 31

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It’s Day 13 Classroom Slicers!

On Monday, Stacey wrote a post about opening lines. She offers great advice for those wishing to get more from their opening lines.

Some of her tips:


  • Give readers a sense of character, place, and what’s going on.

  • Provide readers with a sense of closeness.

  • Make an honest declaration to the reader.

  • Draw the reader in by using the 1st person.

  • Talk to the reader in the 2nd person.

  • Give a sense of who the character is and where they live.

  • Tell everything the character is meaning to tell (without meaning to tell).

  • Establish a sense of voice that involves the reader, invites them in, welcomes them into the story, and makes seem curious about that world.

Today as you Slice, why not spend some time revising your opening lines?

Happy Slicing!

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