Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 2 of 31

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It’s Day Two of the Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge. Welcome back! If your students are struggling to find inspiration, it will certainly be a good idea to call on your previous teaching and remind them of all the strategies they know to generate ideas for personal narrative writing.

Some classic strategies:

  • Think of a person or a place that means a lot to you or has played a big role in your life. List moments you remember with that person or at that place. Choose one of those moments and write the story of it.
  • Think of strong emotions and list a few, such as anger, fear, embarrassment. Then, list times that you felt that emotion under each one. Choose one of the moments and write the story of it.

Encourage your writers to try out a couple of different stories before choosing one that they will write as a Slice of Life story. Also, by generating lists of ideas instead of just jumping into writing a story, they will be collecting ideas for future posts.

If you have strategies that worked particularly well to help your students to generate ideas, feel free to share them along with the permalink to your students’ posts in the comments section.

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