Welcome to the World, Jackson!

Fullscreen capture 10232013 91831 PM.bmpYou may’ve noticed Beth didn’t share a blog post yesterday.  That’s because she’s been a busy the past few days.  She and her family welcomed Jackson Brinton Moore just a day ahead of schedule.  Everybody is healthy, but a little sleepy!

This is Beth’s second child.  Jackson joins big sister Lily, 4, as part of the Moore Family.  As an only child who has one child, I cannot offer Beth any advice on what it’s like to bring a second baby home.  Therefore, I was hoping to cull some tips for making this transition a smooth one from the TWT Community.  Please share your words of wisdom for Beth by leaving a comment.  Or, if you prefer, just wish her a hearty congratulations in the comment section.

So, welcome to the world little Jackson.  And congratulations to Beth, Brinton, and Lily on becoming a family of four!  (Well, five, since Indigo is a four-legged member of their family!)