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SOLS & A New Link

Before you link your Slice of Life story today, please take a few minutes to check out our newly designed Slice of Life Information Page!  This page contains all the information and FAQs for anyone who would like to join in the slicing fun.  You will find information for the year-long Tuesday SOL posts, as well as information for both the individual and classroom March challenges.

We hope that you will bring a friend (or two or three or twenty…) to join you on Tuesdays and throughout the month of March.  This page will help answer any questions.  Spread the word, recruit a writer!

A huge thank you to Betsy for all of your hard work on this new page.  You compiled a whole lot of information into one succinct and useful resource.  Thank you, too, to the team of co-authors who helped with all the revisions!


Please write your Slice, share your link, and give some comments to (at least three) other slicers.
If you’re leaving your comment early in the day, please consider returning this evening or tomorrow to read some of our evening posters’ slices.

67 thoughts on “SOLS & A New Link

    1. Hi Bernadette, to find the unique url for your Slice of Life Story link, you need to go to your blog, click on the link to the exact post you want to share, then copy that link from your browser. The link you posted here is actually the url for your entire blog. As soon as you publish another post, people will have to scroll around to find your slice of life post, which is frustrating. The unique url for your Go Flyers post is: Hope this helps!


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