Twitter Chat Preparation

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone again.  I’ve committed to a Twitter Chat tomorrow night.  Therefore, it’s confession time.  In the year-plus I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve never participated in a Twitter Chat.  Sure, I’ve followed chats like #litlead and #titletalk, but I’ve never jumped in on one of the conversations.

But then I got DM from Cornelius Minor inviting me to join a chat he’s leading tomorrow night.  The topic sounded interesting and it’s scheduled for after my daughter’s bedtime.  How could I say no save for the fact I’ve never participated in one of these before?

A screen capture of my first TweetDeck.  So now what?

A screen capture of my first TweetDeck. So now what?

Cornelius advised me to download TweetDeck (which I just did) and to read an article about Twitter Chats (did that too).  I have about 24+ hours to figure out how to make TweetDeck work for me so I can see all of the hashtags.  (I’m sure there’s a tutorial for that, right?)

So, to all of you Twitter Chat experts out there, what do I need to do/know before I venture into a Twitter Chat tomorrow night?  All advice is welcome!