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Choice Literacy: Coaching the Common Core {Part 3 of 3}

The third part of the conference was led by Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan. They inspired me to stick to my beliefs.

One of the ideas they talked about is a Framework for Change. In order for change to occur, they suggest systems need:





Action Plan

If any of these items are missing, then instead of change, systems get:

Missing VISION = Confusion

Missing SKILLS = Anxiety

Missing INCENTIVES = Gradual Change

Missing RESOURCES (time is a key resource) = Frustration

Missing Action Plan = FALSE STARTS

The more I consider this idea, the more I believe it is accurate. As we consider the inevitable change led by common core, it is nice to be able to consider how to move in a way that is pleasant and productive. In addition, when people understand the process of change, then they relax. When there are missing elements from the framework, then we get undesirable emotions such as those listed above.

Clare and Tammy also were solid on their non-negotiable beliefs. They hold firm to these beliefs because they know this is how change will occur. I left feeling inspired to stick to my beliefs (which fortunately are aligned with my district’s core beliefs).

Tammy and Clare have a book coming out soon with Stenhouse about assessment. I can’t wait to read it and look forward to sharing about it soon.

Click here for part 1 and part 2 of my learning for the Choice Literacy workshop: Coaching the Common Core.

4 thoughts on “Choice Literacy: Coaching the Common Core {Part 3 of 3}

  1. That most precious resource: teacher time. If we could protect it and tap it away from useless activities…what then?
    I am curious what the “incentives” might be for the average, ordinary teacher adapting and changing his/her teaching for the common core? Certainly the test doesn’t incentivize. (made up verb).


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