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#slice2013: 31 of 31

WRITE your slice. SHARE your link. GIVE some comment-goodness to three other slicers.
WRITE your slice. SHARE your link. GIVE some comment-goodness to three other slicers.

WRITE. Each day in March write a slice on your own blog.

SHARE. Link your post here (using the SAME username each day) before the comments close. (Comments typically close around 5 am.)

GIVE. Comment on at least three other slices.

Woo-hoo! You’re still blogging on the 31st. It feels good, doesn’t it? Even if you didn’t write every single day, you should still feel good that you are here now. I hope you come back on Tuesdays…don’t stop writing! Every week we still gather as a slice community and share our links. See you on April 2!

Any questions, please contact:

  • Linda Baie – lindab414[at]gmail[dot]com (If you last name begins with A – G.)
  • LeAnn Carpenter – leannecarpenter[at]sbcglobal[dot]net (If your last name begins with H – M.)
  • Bonnie Kaplan – blkdrama[at]mac[dot]com (If your last name begins with N – S.)
  • Carol Wilcox  — carwilc[at]aol[dot]com (If your last name begins with T – Z.)

Useful Links:

2013 Support Team

Prize Information (Wow!)

31 Slices (Ideas for topics)


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  1. Today I Love…Slice of Life 31 of 31

    I did it! I made it all 31 days. I posted yesterday about the effect the challenge has had on me and how much I loved doing this. I’ll be back on Tuesdays for sure. But since today is Easter, I posted on something different today. Thanks again for hosting, Ruth and Stacey, and thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome!


  2. I am literally standing in the middle of a field.have been out of town visiting folks….no computer…only phone …field is only place I can get reception. Finished final post….don’t know how to link it from phone…please read it if u can….I am sad this is over….but it is not good bye…xoxoxo


  3. I wish I had done more commenting, and although I enjoyed my shifts with six word memoirs as tweets for Slice of Life, at times it felt a little too confining. But I stuck with it. Thanks for building out a writing community, Stacey and Ruth, and thanks for being part of that community, the rest of you.


  4. I thought I’d have time to create longer and more elaborate forms over spring break, but my idea well went dry. To go out like a lamb, then, the shortest poem of my different-poetic-form-a-day challenge — just thirteen syllables!

    Thanks to our generous, visionary organizers and everyone who’s a part of the very giving and supporting writing/reading community that’s to be found here. This is a place of bravery and beauty.


  5. I am still in process on this slice and hope to add more lines. I thought my last March slice would be an homage to poetic slicing. I have created a cento from the lines of other slicers: I am so thankful to the entire slicing community. I am looking forward to slowing down to weekly slicing, but I will miss the immersion into writerly life that happens in March. I have enjoyed our journey. I hope to see you all on Tuesdays. Congratulations to you all for surviving the ups and downs of a month of daily writing.


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