A Hearty Thank You to Our Support Team

Created with JEdwards All Natural 2.

Created with JEdwards All Natural 2.

It’s hard to believe the final day of our month-long writing challenge is here.  We had a fantastic team of volunteers who helped make our individual and classroom challenges run smoothly.  I want to take a moment to recognize them.

Concierges: Linda Baie, LeAnn Carpenter (aka: Elsie), Bonnie Kaplan, Carol Wilcox helped us field questions from our community.  I barely heard from these Slicer pros the entire month since they have a wealth of knowledge about how things run.  Thank you to Bonnie, Carol, Elsie, and Linda for helping newcomers with their questions and for sorting out issues as they arose.

Giveaway Guru: Christy Rush-Levine‘s work has been behind the scenes on a daily basis.  She has kept track of who wrote and linked daily, which will greatly help me with the giveaway process that will be happening next month.  Keeping track of everyone who writes and links on a daily basis is a monumental task.  Her record-keeping is meticulous.  And while not everyone who wrote and linked daily will win a prize (Unfortunately, there aren’t enough prizes for everyone who wrote so I’ll be doing a random drawing.), it is  my hope to have everyone matched up with prizes by the end of the second week of April.  I’ll announce the giveaway winners on TWT.  You’ll be hearing from me and/or Christy in order to get your prize out to you.  Thank you, again, Christy for offering to help me with the giveaway process!

Tech Support: The first few days of the Challenge were busy since people’s links were often held for moderation and/or people linked to their blog, not their actual post. Therefore, our tech support team was great about helping people out with linking issues.  Many thanks to Amanda Villagomez, Beth ScanlonCindy Minnich, Deb Day and Donna Smith for their help with technical issues.

The Welcome Wagon: We had a group of people who made sure they commented on first-time participants’ blogs daily.  First-time bloggers were identified by Betsy Hubbard and assigned to veteran slicers.  Many thanks to the Welcome Wagon team, Amy Rudd, Anita, Betsy, Carol Wilcox, Caroline, Fireflytrails, Julie Johnson, Lee Ann, Lori, Margaret, Nancy, Pamela Hodges, Ruth Chandler Ferris, and Tara, for making our community an inviting place.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the individual and classroom challenges.  I know writing (and commenting) daily can be hard to schedule, especially amidst all of the other things each of us has going on in our lives.  It’s my hope this year’s challenge was as enriching and exciting for you as it was for me.

Please come back every Tuesday for our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge.