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Classroom SOLSC: 1 of 31

Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge 2013. Feel free to grab this button and use it on your classroom blog. Happy slicing.
Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge 2013. Feel free to grab this button and use it on your classroom blog. Happy slicing.

Welcome to day one of the first-ever Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge. I’m delighted you’re here! Please take a few minutes to read through this post prior to sharing the unique URL to your students’ slice of life stories in the comments section of this post.

You’re off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So… get on your way! – Dr Seuss

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. -Anais Nin

If your students are slicing from their personal blogs, then you should link their blog posts together using your classroom or personal blog. Then, share the unique URL to the location of the “round up” of student slices. (Click here to find out what a unique URL is.)


  1. If you haven’t read the Essential Information post, then please click here to read it now before you post the link to your students’ slice of life stories.
  2. Only post the link to your students’ slices of life here. Do not post the link to your personal slice of life stories here. Go to Ruth’s daily call for individual slice of life stories to post your personal slice.
  3. If this is the first comment you’ve left on Two Writing Teachers, then we will have to moderate your comment. Ruth and I will be checking throughout the day in order to get your links up for the community as soon as possible. As long as you use the same username/email to log in going-forward, your comments should appear instantly in the future.
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If your last name begins with A – G, then your concierge is Linda Baie. Linda’s e-mail address is lindab414[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Finally, Katherine Sokolowski has graciously allowed me to reprint the poem she shared with her students, who are taking on the Classroom Challenge (in their notebooks) for the first time this year. I thought it was a beautiful, meaningful poem that can help children understand what it really is they should write about this month (themselves).

Slice of Life — Classroom Poem

March is going to be about writing in our classroom.
Writing whatever you want.
Writing daily.
A sketch.
A poem.
A story.
A snapshot of your day.
Put away your fantasy stories for this month.
This month is about you.Wake up in the morning and grab your journal.
Steal a few minutes between classes.
Come home from school.
Before bed, while resting.
Once a day – you find the time that works.
And watch what happens.
You will begin to see things and think…
I can write about that.
I’ll share my writing with you each morning.
I will hand out rewards along the way to those who stick with it.
10 minutes a day.
You can do this.
Find your voice.


–Katherine Sokolowski

22 thoughts on “Classroom SOLSC: 1 of 31

  1. Okay. I’m off to a rocky start, but we’re doing it! I have 44 students who are going to try to do at least 25 of the 31 days. Since we just got home from an overnight field trip, I’m worried that some of them will forget their first day… But they are so excited to write and that’s all that matters! I’m posting two links because they are leaving their personal blog links in the comments of my slices. Unfortunately, I had a glitch and some of them put their links on my first post rather than my first slice. We’ll get the hang of it… eventually! 🙂


    1. Lee Ann, some of my students would like to comment on your students’ writing. How should they go about it? My students are writing under “terhuneclass” (See link below.)


    1. @Michelle: Glad you & your kids are taking on the Challenge. This looks like a link to your slice of life story. If it is, please repost the link over at Ruth’s call for individual slices. Please post the round-up of your students stories separately (on this post). Thanks!


      1. Stacey, This is where my students will link. They don’t have individual blogs, so their SOL writings will be in the comments of my post. You commented before any of them had written yet. I think I post here. When I post in the morning, usually it take a while before my students comment. Should I wait to link here until they’ve commented? (I’m a little confused, so sorry!) Thanks for your comment.


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