You Have Time.

time-to-writeOne of the biggest barriers between us and the Slice of Life Challenge is TIME. We look at our schedules, we look at other’s slices, and we quickly jump to the conclusion that we don’t have time to add one more thing, especially something like a daily writing challenge to our already too full schedule.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the truth is, you do have time, and it might not be the burden you imagine. Writing is one of those things that gives much more than it takes. You are already living, so you have plenty to write about, it is a matter of actually putting words on the page (or in the case of the challenge, in the text box). When we do this, we give substance to our day to day existence.

Writing allows us to find meaning in the moments. The question isn’t whether you have enough time, the REAL question is whether you can afford not to join the challenge. For one month, you can stop life from slipping through your fingers.

One month. Thirty-one days. It is possible. You have time for this. And you’ll thank us in April.

Pinky promise. 🙂