Hitting the Reset Button

The words “Happy New Year” ring out as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. My new year seems to start off well every year, but for the past three years something has gone awry in the days that followed. For the past three years I’ve spent January sick. In 2011 and 2012, I was sick enough to need the help of a family member to take care of my daughter. This year I had a persistent cough and a sinus infection that required two courses of antibiotics! After three straight years of January sickness, I’m starting to think that February 1st should be the official start to my new year!

My one little word for 2013 is vitality. I’ve felt anything but vital for the past three weeks. Therefore, I think today is the day where I hit the reset button and restart my year of vitality. To some, it might seem strange that I’m restarting my word. The beauty of having a word to focus on, rather than a resolution, means that you can try again in case you lose sight of what you want to accomplish.

In 2009, singer Neshama Carlebach performed in our community. She’s very spiritual and therefore shares her thinking when she performs. I recall her referencing the upcoming Jewish New Year when she said (something to the effect of) you can choose to begin again on any day. To me this meant one doesn’t have to wait for an official day to start over. You can change your attitude, your priorities, or your thinking on any day. You just have to commit yourself to a new mindset or way of life.

If made a New Year’s Resolution you have not kept or you just need to breathe some new life into your classroom, consider resetting yourself. You can choose a new personal or professional path on any day of the year if it will help you accomplish your goals.

Have you ever hit the reset button? How do you think restarting on any given day can help you reach your goals? Please share your ideas by leaving a comment.

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