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Slicing Early: Thanks to Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy is looming.  Excessive rain, high floods, and massive flooding are very real threats for over 60 million people who live in the Northeast and in the Mid-Atlantic.  Therefore, I’ve decided to host our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge early this week.  While I could simply set a SOLSC post to automatically go live on Tuesday, I know that I will most likely lose power as will many other Slicers.  Therefore, I wanted everyone to have the chance to participate in our weekly challenge regardless of where they’re located.

If you’re in Sandy’s path, then you likely have many other things to do to prep for the storm today.  Therefore, please don’t feel compelled to comment on other people’s slices today.  Come back, when time permits (and if your power stays on), to read other people’s slices.  However, I’m sure staying connected with other Slicers might be a nice way to get away from the media coverage of Frankenstorm!

If you’re in Hurricane Sandy’s path, please stay safe.  I hope to see everyone back here, slicing on our normal Tuesday, on November 6th.

51 thoughts on “Slicing Early: Thanks to Hurricane Sandy

  1. I’m such a slack slicer lately…last week I was so late that I went without comments. This week I am late, too. The week before last I couldn’t hold my head up on Tuesday. Fall sickness, soccer season, busy, busy, busy…

    Well, I did think about how I used to wish to be someone else at the front of the classroom, but now I am glad to me:

    Evolution of Wishes….


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