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SOLSC: Do You Know What Everyone Has Been Up To Lately?

Please link the Slice of Life Story you write today to this post by leaving a comment. Be sure to check out other bloggers’ writing by clicking through the links in the comment section of this post. Come back later today (or even tomorrow) to read through the links of a few other Slicers who link their blogs after you.

Last Tuesday was not a typical Tuesday.  I was in Manhattan spending some time with my dear friends, Stacey, who now lives overseas. Second, I had caffeinated iced tea at dinnertime so I was wired.  Third, I decided to take advantage of the fact that I was wired and staying at my parents’ home to do something I hadn’t done since my daughter was born last year.  (I don’t use my computer in front of my daughter, which limits the amount of time I get in front of the computer on all days of the year, not just on Tuesdays.) I stayed up late reading and commenting on everyone’s Slice of Life Stories from last week.

If you’re like me, on a typical Tuesday you post your Slice of Life story and then do your best to read and comment on as many other people’s slices as possible.  Staying up late reading everyone’s slices let me catch up with all of you, most of whom I’ve come to know through your writing, but haven’t had the pleasure to meet in person.  As I read through the slices, I learned that one Slicer is expecting a baby, one is sending her third child off to pre-school, while another is becoming an empty nester. One of you enjoyed some time with her mom while another person edited her closet.  One person used current events to inspire a poem while another had us choose our own adventure.  Slicers are already back in school and you shared your rooms, your feelings, and also your funny stories with us.  Reading and commenting everyone‘s slices again reminded me, yet again, of what a vibrant and wonderful SOLSC community we have.   We are from towns all over the world.  We are new teachers, part-time educators, and retirees who are still devoted to the profession.  We are Slicers and we’re here every Tuesday.  Thank you to everyone who comes back week after week to share your stories with this online community.

NOTE: Part of the self-imposed commenting challenge I gave myself became trickier when Blogger decided not to OPEN ID and my Google ID in the same night.  Therefore, I used the comment feature from this blog to reply to some people.  And when that seemed too public to do more than twice, I sent an e-mail. to the Slicer.  If anyone has any more insight into this issue, then would you please send me an e-mail?

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. @Stacey – here is the link to the Blogger help forum post that I found regarding commenting difficulties:!searchin/blogger/I$20can%27t$20post$20a$20comment$20in$20blogger/blogger/lX6IA6QUIRE

    I’m wondering if it goes back to Blogger’s threaded comments. When I changed my comment settings to “full page”, the option to reply to comments is no longer available.


    • @Amanda: I couldn’t post a comment on your blog either. So, here’s my comment:

      The reason Diana wanted to shower in the morning is priceless. I never thought about one’s hair smelling better in the morning (depends on the styling products one uses in the a.m. if they shower in the p.m.)!

      Good luck with the new pace. Sounds like nice time to spend with each of your daughters.


  2. My slice today is regarding my intense nervousness about one night of the school year – parent night and it’s tonight.

    Regarding Blogger – I don’t know what the answer is. My blog is on Blogger and I do use Disqus. Rarely someone will mention they had a hard time posting a comment and sometimes (like 7 comments out of the hundreds I’ve had) a comment goes to comment moderation, even though I don’t have that turned on. Sorry! I hope it isn’t a pain for anyone and wish I knew the answer.


    • @Katherine: Personally, I haven’t had any issues posting comments using Disqus. The problems, for me, have come with the regular Blogger comment moderation that requires sign-in + word verification.


  3. Although I have been blogging for three weeks in a row I missed last week’s SOL since I posted on Wednesday rather than Tuesday. I’m trying though! This week I have another reflection about my new position and how to handle ambiguities in my new job. Any other ESL teachers out there? I would love to connect.

    And, Stacey, glad to hear I’m not the only one that sometimes doesn’t read a few slicers’ blogs all on Tuesdays. I won’t shy away from reading throughout the week. Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  4. @Stacey – I did some looking and it appears that this is a very common issue. One blogger in the help forum suggested that if comment settings are set to “embed” and require word verification that this makes it more difficult for commenters. I changed my blog from “embed” to “full page” if you want to do a test comment.


    The big night is here! Thanks for hosting this great community of writer’s stories every week.

    **As a note to your difficulty with OpenID and Google ID-I noticed that it seems like the blogging platforms are getting more difficult to go between-very frustrating indeed. I also have difficulty posting if there is a “disqus” feature on a blog. And the latest frustration is difficulty with the need to be in “an updated browser”…I am not sure how to fix this-if a more tech comfy person knows please advise.


  6. Last night’s bedtime routine was sheer bliss,  Tonight I have a little person who finally fell asleep  on me (literally) 10 minutes ago because she’s not feeling well.  Oh the ups & downs of parenthood.


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