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Ten Best @ Nerdy Book Club

A few months ago I ran into Cindy Minnich who was attending a professional development seminar I lead.  We chatted for awhile after the workshop.  She encouraged me to write something for the Nerdy Book Club, which is an incredible blog she facilitates with Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp.  I took a look at the variety of posts they run and decided to write a “Top Ten” post about board books.  I spent a few months watching my daughter carefully as I read books to her.  I paid careful attention to the books she gravitated to on her own in addition to what she did when we read them together.  By early May, I was able to discern what she seemed to like out of all of the board books in our house.  I combined her likes with my favorites and was able to write a post about the Top Ten Board Books.

If you have little ones at home or are an aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandparent to a child under three, I hope you’ll check out the list I created.  (NOTE: It’s not written in a David Letterman “Top Ten” kind of way.  It’s structured in two ways: why I love it & why my daughter loves it.)  To that end, if you have other board books you think I should know about, then please let me know what they are.  I’m closing comments on this post so please leave a comment on the post I wrote over at the Nerdy Book Club. (Click here to read it.)  I’m always up for suggestions when it comes to reading with my daughter!