Voiceless Visitors

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I came across “Ode to the voiceless visitor” during last week’s Slice of Life Story Challenge. Riss Leung posted it over at L.I.T. Ladies. It resonated with me since I often wonder why some of the things I write receive a lot of hits, but very few comments. Ruth and I have talked about this at length since the amount of visits TWT gets is vastly larger than the amount of comments we receive. Riss’s poem seeks to rationalize why this happens.

Here’s the ode she wrote, which she has given me permission to repost here.

Ode to the voiceless visitor

This is an ode to the voiceless visitor, the ones who look but don’t reply,

They never tell you what it was that intrigued them, or even that they had stopped by.

They love to come to ponder your ideas, or to simply observe your style,

Some get what they want and leave, others linger for a longer while.

It’s not uncommon to be a voiceless visitor; research says that it’s 9 in 10!

That’s people who read your writing and leave without lifting their pen.

We love to know how we affect people and which things they like to read,

This is an ode to the voiceless visitor- hopefully a dying breed!

I, too, have been guilty of perusing blog posts and not commenting on them. It happens to me when I’m in a rush… just coming for the information I needed and then leaving. However, as someone who’s been blogging for over five years, I know that comments fuel me as a writer so I try to make the time to comment when I visit a blog. In addition, commenting helps to forge relationships between the writer and the reader, bringing the two together in a world where they may never come face-to-face.

How about you? What makes you want to leave a comment when you read a blog post?