Motivation Comes Through Comments

Thank you to all of the first-time March Slicers who submitted kind words about fellow slicers whose comments have meant so much to them.  (If you missed the accolades, then click here to read them now.)  I’m delighted that in just a week’s time this community has come together around the power of stories.

Ramona of Pleasures from the Page was commenter #34, which is the number my random number generator picked.  Ramona sang the praises of Elsie of Elsie Tries Writing.  Here’s what Ramona wrote about Elsie:

What a challenge – to pick one of my new blogger friends from this incredible world. I relish each comment I receive, but the prize has to go to Elsie, my fellow workshop lover! When I sliced about getting to spend the day with Smokey Daniels, her comment, I am soooo jealous made me wish she could join us for the day. She lives in Missouri and I grew up in Oklahoma, so there’s a bit of geographic connection there for me. She noticed some of the craft (word choice) in one of my early posts and makes me want to try harder to slice in a writerly way!
Thanks, Elsie!

Thank you to Elsie for supporting Ramona, as well as many other Slicers during the first days of this Challenge.  In addition, thank you to all of you who have been so generous about commenting on as many blogs as possible each and every day. As you can see, one comment really can make a difference!

Ramona will receive the Mentor Texts DVD by Aimee Buckner.

Elsie will receive the Writers in Transition DVD by Franki Sibberson.